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Spring Tour! 

Good day, good day indeed! The Spring Tour 2014 dates have started coming in! The first set is up, located on the tour dates page, and via the Bands in Town app! Make your plans, call your friends, especially the cool ones. Maybe that one nerd too, we accept everyone!

More dates will be announced as they are confirmed. Help us all welcome South Dakota, and Colorado to the list this run! We're getting there everyone, we do our best to get our faces to y ours, and with all of the support, this will happen, and it will soon!

Dreams and Nightmares 

We want to thank each and every one of you who made it out, braved harsh weather, and showed us so much love. We really do have some of the best, craziest, and most loyal fans and friends a lil' old band could ever wish for.

Now we take some time to rest our weary legs, and wheels. But, never fear, we will be right back out as soon as we can to see all of you again! Ever expanding, ever loving, and rocking into the midnight hours!

-Everybody at Spence

Nightmares Available 

That's right, you can now own your own physical copy of the 2013 E.P. release Nightmares for your self! Head on over to the store, and get your official signed copy for just $7 (plus shipping)

Featuring 5 brand new tracks, Nightmares delves into the depths of your soul, daring you to rock out, and to feel aliiiiive. Check it out on the site wide music player, or pick up; your copy through digital download, iTunes, or grab your cd copy today!

"Nightmares" Available by Digital Download
"Nightmares" Available on iTunes
"Nightmares" Available on Disc